The latest additions to the site (2015-2016):

February: Sources for Levantine History - Lorans Tanatar Baruh

March: Interview with Fortunato Maresia of Istanbul

The Pharaon Family - Jeanne Glennon LeComte

Gall Family Recollections Smyrna - Jane Spooner

Istanbul, Turkey and the Arnold Family, 1860 to 1924 - Richard Seivers

April: Interview with Vjeran Kursar

May: Interview with Christine Lindner

Interview with Frank Castiglione

June: John & Frances Hughes in Turkey - Frances Clegg

July: Marjorie Rear - Biography of William Barker of the Levant Company

August: Hyde Clarke (1815-1895) by David Wilson

September: Our Levantine Heritage, an address given by David Whittall on the occasion of the second Descendants of the Whittalls of Turkey Family Reunion, London 19 September 2015.

The Bobbitt Family in the Levant – Francie Kieffer

October: Updating the Whittalls of Turkey Genealogy in 1996 and organising the reunion of 1999 - Betty McKernan

Interview with Clifford Endres on Eduard Roditi

December: Marseille, port de la Turquie - English version - Patrick Boulanger, Conservateur du Patrimoine culturel de la CCI Marseille Provence

Les Achats Français d’Huiles Egéennes au XVIIIe Siècle - Patrick Boulanger

Les archives de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Marseille Provence - Patrick Boulanger

Interview with Zeynep Cebeci Suvari

Hochepied family album of Seydikoy, 1922-25 - Wallis Kidd

Diary transcription: ‘Journal of Events during the Smyrna Catastrophe, September 1922’ - Francis Smithers Holton

Diary transcription: 1918 section of a diary by Emily Jane (wife of Francis) Holton of Smyrna.

January 2016: Interview with Sadık Uşaklıgil

Grace Williamson’s diary of her brief return to Smyrna post-fire.

Interview with İlhan Pınar

February 2016: MacAndrews and Forbes and the Forbes Family - Wallis Kidd

March 2016: Interview with Ümit Eser

October 2016: Interview with Bugra Poyraz