Daleggio decoration

The Order of Isabella the Catholic (Spanish: Orden de Isabel la Católica) is a Spanish civil order granted in recognition of services that benefit the country. The Order is not exclusive to Spaniards, and many foreigners have been awarded it. The Order was created on 14 March 1815 by King Ferdinand VII of Spain in honor of Queen Isabella I of Castile with the name of ‘Royal and American Order of Isabella the Catholic’ with the intent of ‘rewarding the firm allegiance to Spain and the merits of Spanish citizens and foreigners in good standing with the Nation and especially in those exceptional services provided in pursuit of territories in America and overseas’. The Order was reorganized by royal decree on 26 July 1847, as the modern ‘Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic’ with a broader focus than the Americas.

This order was awarded to Antonio Daleggio who was the vice-consul of Spain in Rodosto, Turkey. He was the son of Francesco Daleggio & Candida Marengo & married Eugenia Summaripa in 1846 at Ste Marie Drapéris in Istanbul. His daughters Léontine & Philomène were both married in Rodosto; Léontine in 1874 to Carlo D’Orfani and Philomene in 1877 to Nicola Vuccino. The award was given in 1872, during the tenure of Abdülaziz, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The family Daleggio / D’Alessio is of italian origin, but from the island of Syros. The name switches from Daleggio to D’Alessio and vice versa in the registers without any special logic. Perhaps the change to D’Alessio was with the thought of sounding more French that would possibly help in the family’s perceived social standing in the Levantine world.

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