The Interviewees

Herve Georgelin | Pelin Böke | Alex Baltazzi | Axel Corlu | Philip Mansel | Antony Wynn | Fortunato Maresia | Vjeran Kursar | Christine Lindner | Frank Castiglione | Clifford Endres | Zeynep Cebeci Suvari | Sadık Uşaklıgil | İlhan Pınar | Ümit Eser | Bugra Poyraz | Oğuz Aydemir | Sedat Bornovalı | Tom Young | Francesco Pongiluppi | Erol Makzume | Maria Bruckmann | Erik Bruns | Francesca Biancani | Emiliano Bugatti | Raphael Cormack | Sercan Sağlam | Mia Spizzica | Elmar Samsinger | Miguel Selvelli | Fabrizio Casaretto | Malte Fuhrmann | Bengi Su Ertürkmen Aksoy

Interviews is a 2 way creative communication process where we are in the priviliged position of being able to explore the achivements of the person selected in the field of Levantine studies, know more about the person, their motivation, their aspirations and dreams. We support all these dreams as invariably all study starts from that vision. These are the people we cherish as they dedicate a major portion of their lives in this journey of discovery and they are key for the development for this website and its associated community.

We thank all researchers past, present and future and this section only acknowledges part of their work and part of this research community. In time we hope our coverage grows.