A consular declaration of proof of British citizenship issued for Annie Elizabeth Maude Dickinson issued Alexandria 1935.
A Spanish consular of Constantinople declaration of protection issued to local Greek subject Smaragda Socrates Trigoni, August 1923. This doesn’t seem to be a granting of citizenship document but perhaps a symbolic protection issued at times of strife but by this date when capitulations had long-since been rescinded, carrying limited weight?
The registration of birth document at the British vice-consulate at Suez, Egypt of Alba Grazia Zarb, daughter of Giuseppe Zarb (Maltese?) and Fortunée Valle (French?) confirmed as British in 1890. The foreign communities of Egypt by then had become truly international and occupied the middle and upper levels of the society, creating growing resentments amongst the indigenous communities. These documents could prove useful for their parents or offspring when in the future these outposts may not be such welcoming residences for ‘outsiders’.
Declaration document by the Netherlands Consulate of Constantinople on 17 July 1918 that the French citizens Eduard Crespin and his wife Marie nee Cohn made temporarily administered by this Consulate, suggesting their vulnerable position at a time when the Ottomans and the French were at war.