Izmir 1960s Levantine theatre photos

Starting in 2008 and continuing till today the Levantines have organised and performed yearly comedy theatre shows whose profits go to a variety of local charities. This tradition continues in a community where amateur dramatics have had a history going back almost as long as the community existed. During the 1960s an earlier generation performed for the community in French and the players included Guido Aliotti, Jean (Seads) Aliotti, Lucien Arkas, Alain Caporal, Pierre Caporal, Roger Caporal, Febo de Andria, Gilbert Epik, Reginald Gallia, May (Johnson) Gallia, Lorraine (Icard) Lochner, Geoffrey Maltass, Marie Louise (De Cramer) Peartree, Kathleen (Giraud) Pennetti, Enzo Sponza, Max Steinbuchel, Susan Whittall etc. The following images is intended to keep their memory alive and help in additional information being recorded through this sharing.

The gentleman with the hat Claude Caporal, lady behind him Mme Kokini.


Reginald Gallia.


On the left Reginald Gallia, on the right Noel Micaleff.

From the left: Reginald Gallia and wife May.






Claude Roels Besimzade with Reginald Galia.

Claude Roels Besimzade with Reginald Galia.



This photo is perhaps older (1950s?) of the English speaking ‘Play Reading Group’ performed at St John’s Church Hall, with Douglas Whittall (born 1909, married Susan Gout 1937) in the extreme right, third from right: Arthur Smith (married Emily née Tius), tall woman in the middle: Susan Whittall (wife of Douglas, born 1914).

Face namings courtesy of Marina Corsini, Lilian Epik, 2018 - information and posters from the more recent Levantine theatre performances.

Izmir Play Reading Group Members 1974-1975 (phone numbers and addresses indicated in the original document)

Linda Anderson (American Girls College)
Fatoş & Müfit Arcasoy
Derek & Sandra Ashby
Lavion Bailey
Gloria Beatty
Edward & Saadet Bennett
Şule Beret
Bob & Wanda Bittner
Arlette Bon
Helen Borg
Lisette Borg
Mücahit, Serap & Zeynep Buktaş
Claude Caporal (Glenn Tobacco Company)
Roger & Mrs Caporal
Peggy Carson (Elementary School)
Betty Case
Samuel Case (American Consulate)
Sharon Casey
Cevat & Joan Çobanlı
Bart & Marilyn Comstock
Dorothy Course
Charles & Paula Cox
Elio & William Darrington (British & American Tobacco Company)
Febo de Andria
Mary Dennis
Gail, Nina & Robert Dewey
Mr & Mrs S. D’Isidoro
Steno D’Isidoro
Estelle & Ralph Dorris
Joseph & Juanita Dougher
Charles & Mary Duke
Joan & Ron Duval
Gilbert & Liliane Epik
Fritz & Mrs Fercken
James & Marianne Fitzgibbon (American Girls College)
Alan & Beverly Flanigan (American Consulate)
Hillary & Mrs E. Foxworthy (NATO)
Ann*, Carl & Julie Freeman
George Galdies*
Judith Galdies
Loulou Gallia
Mr & Mrs Reginald Gallia
Billy & Janie Gamble
Zelma Gieker
Mrs M. Giraud
Mary Gorman
Laura Guidici
Evans & Olga Guidroz
İstemi & Joan Gurel
Fernand & Jean-Claude Guys
Yolande Guys
Frances Hall
Dennis* & Gem Hallam
Andrew & Binky Hallas
Constance Hammond
Gerald & Nancy Harbison
Helen Harper (American Girls College)
Lee Haskins (American Girls College)
Ann Hayes
Florence Hazlett (American Girls College)
Mary Heebner
Abdullah & Erica Iderman
Mollie, Moyra & Pebble Jackson
Patricia Jackson
David P. & Zena James
Inrgen & Susanne Johannsen
Gary & Pat Jolley
Dalton Jones
Ruth Jones
Jenny & Marguerete Kontente
Mr & Mrs Kroom
Jan & Robert LaFrance
Mr & Mrs F. Lippold
Anette & Edward Lyne
Harry D. Lyons
Barbara & Robert MacDonald
Geoffrey Maltass
Brenda & Howard Mann
Andre Massa
Betty & Robert Mathewson
Georgianna & Richard Maynard (American Girls College
Pete & Tish McClellan
E.M. & Peggy McDonald
John & Rosemarie McGuinness (American Consulate)
Mary Lynn & Mike McRee
Fulvio Medini
Yolande & Mr Mills (Glenn Tobacco Company)
John Moore
P.J. & Willa Murphy
Miriam Nixon (American Consulate)
Arnold & Mrs Nye
Dr & Mrs Özel
Barbara, David, Roger & Tammy Paetzel
Mr & Mrs Guy Pagy
Mrs Sophy Palmer
Edward Pariente
Electra & Richard Pariente
Richard John Pariente*
Roger Pariente
Betty & Sam Parker
Elvio Pennetti
Monica Petrini
Christine & Ken Pilling
Ruth Pope
John A. Potier
Dorothe G. Pratt
John & Margaret Randolph
Claire Rangnow
Miss K. (Katerine?) Reggio
Jean Rice
Dick & Donna Rice
Buzz Riley
A.J. & Janie Sajo
Ed & Nitsie Schexnayder
Don & Liz Schwab
Adene Scott
Fernie Scovel (American Girls School)
Beth & John Shafer
Arthur & Emily Smith
Gloria & Glenn Smith (American Consulate)
Jean & Bob Smith
Mr & Mrs George Stevens
Jessie StJean (American Girls School)
Keith Stokes*
Cecil & Dorothy Tanner
Heather & Nick Thomas
Elaine Thorson (American Girls School)
Gül & Cemalettin Topuzlu
Bernice & Ed Tremlett
Helga Tuna
Derin & Seniz Türkömer
Joyce Vanderzee
Yvette Varipati
Maurice Verbecke
Alba & Erdel Vidori
Jerry Wages
Sasha Wagner
Harlan & Louise Watkins
Felix & Jim Ware
Judith Wells (American Girls School)
Susan Whittall
Mary & Victor Whittall
Beth Wilkins (Glenn Tobacco Company)
Frances & Gilbert Winans
Mrs (Yvonne) Winterhalter
Margaret & Kendall Younger

The names underlined are ticket distibutors
Names with a * are members of the board.

The list was produced by an American lady, possibly Zelma Gieker. Within a decade of this listing many of the drivers of this group such as Suzie Whittall and husband Douglas, Mr & Mrs Keith Stokes, George Galdies left Izmir for good. (George Galdies, 2019).