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Obituary by Jean-François de Andria:

Remo – he did not like his official christian name Remigo – de Andria, who died on the 4th of February 2017, was born in September 1920. He was the Louis Pierre’s youngest child, Nelson’s grandson and Pietro aka Petrakaki’s great grandson (see ‘a genealogical Research about the de Andrias’ on this site. Unlike most of his cousins, he kept living in Turkey and, as such, was the last de Andria to do so, but he was always eager to welcome them with his charming wife Ömür. We will sadly miss him.

A note from his son Can Birol:

Tuesday the 7th. of February 2017 we had a beautiful funeral ceremony for Dear Remo. It was in the St. Esprit Cathedral which was packed with all the people who loved him, as it was so befitting of someone like Remo de Andria. As sad as we are, I can say that he went to Heaven very happy which of course alleviates our pain.

May he rest in peace.

Further information on Remo d’Andria:

The d’Andria children in carneval costume: Yvette, Renée, Nelson & Remo (the youngest) the offspring of Louis de Andria & Marguerite Balladur.

Remo, Denise Balladur (first wife of Remo) et Nelson de Andria

Petrakaki d’Andria painted by Kurtovich