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His full name was Victor Emmanuel Edouard Granier and was dentist. He was born on December 18th 1860 in Izmir of Balthazar Granier & Brigitte nee Balladur. The Granier family came from Marseilles and established themselves in Izmir before 1780. The first to come to Smyrna, also Balthazar Granier, was watch maker in 1780 in Izmir (source: Archives Nationales, Correspondance Consulaire - Etat des Français de Smyrne - information courtesy of Marie Anne Marandet) - view photo on pier:

Death notice of Faustin Glavany (Bey - and honorific title in Turkish), secretary at the French Embassy, Constantinople (1829 Constantinople - 1879, Brussels), son of David Glavany and Anne nee Westerling, married to Mathilde Borremans.

The death notice of Amelia Lochner who married William Wilkinson (1847 Chios - 1896 Smyrna).