TB, a Levant Company Factor on Pilgrimage, 1669 - Jonathan Picarsi

The diary of Samuel Medley, butler to the Earl of Kinnoull, British ambassador to Constantinople, covering the dates 16 October, 1733 to 9 November, 1736

Memoirs and diary of Henry Abbott (1764-1819)

Maxime Fidao’s recollections of the Smyrna years - segment

Grace Williamson’s diary of the September 1922 events in Smyrna, a brief return to the city post-fire, and that for the period 1914-20.

‘A Potpourri of Sidelights and Shadows from Turkey’ – Alexander MacLachlan – 1938, segment of his diary covering his 36 years in Smyrna

Autobiographical sketch by George C. McVittie, astronomer and scientist

Emily Jane Holton diary of the 1922 Smyrna events