TB, a Levant Company Factor on Pilgrimage, 1669 - Jonathan Picarsi

The diary of Samuel Medley, butler to the Earl of Kinnoull, British ambassador to Constantinople, covering the dates 16 October, 1733 to 9 November, 1736

Memoirs and diary of Henry Abbott (1764-1819)

Maxime Fidao’s recollections of the Smyrna years - segment

Grace Williamson’s diary of the September 1922 events in Smyrna, a brief return to the city post-fire, and that for the period 1914-20.

‘A Potpourri of Sidelights and Shadows from Turkey’ – Alexander MacLachlan – 1938, segment of his diary covering his 36 years in Smyrna

Autobiographical sketch by George C. McVittie, astronomer and scientist

Emily Jane Holton diary of the 1922 Smyrna events

Journal du voyage de Conrad Godard Nicolas Schutz de Maastricht à Constantinople l’an 1756 - (Sur les traces de Conrad) - Chantal Petrucci, 2018

Je Trouve Bien’ - James Hasson