Group meetings

Presenters and friends at the 1st LHF-Italy roundtable gathering ‘Catholic faith and transnational culture among Levantines of Italian origin in Ottoman and Early Republican Turkey’ in Polo del ‘900 Centre Turin in association with Air- Atelier Ideas & Research / Fondazione Carlo Donat-Cattin, 23 October 2018, with presenters: Rinaldo Marmara, Emanuela Pergolizzi, Cenk Berkant, Francesco Pongiluppi, Gianfranco Morgando (director of Carlo Donat-Cattin foundation), Craig Encer, Alan Maglio, Massimo Togay Özonaran & Theodosias Kyriakidis - poster:

Members of LHF-Izmir meeting with Mrs Sema Pekdaş (sitting on the left), head of Konak Municipality, on possible avenues of future collaboration, 20 October 2017. From left: Giuliano Gloghini, Mario Sponza, Eda Özmutaf, Anne Marie Erem.

Post-lecture dinner of LHF-Istanbul sub-group and friends, Circula Roma, 30 March 2017. The talk was given by Miyuki Aoki Girardelli (İstanbul Technical University - seated on the extreme left) titled ‘A Japanese in the Levant. Architect Itō Chūta’s vision of the Ottoman empire and its Levantine milieu’ - flyer, attended by nearly 100 people at the Italian Cultural Centre. This was the first in a planned lecture series in Istanbul, exploring the Levantine Heritage of the city.

Gathering of members of the LHF-Istanbul sub-group, 5 June 2016, at the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Esprit, to meet up with Padre Nicola Masedu and a tour and information on the ongoing restoration work within the building and furniture overseen by Mario Antonio Ebcim.
Left to right: Luis Miguel Selvelli, Fabrizio Casaretto, Selva Suman, Craig Encer, Nuri Çolakoğlu, Mario Antonio Ebcim.

Meeting in Izmir - 23 May 2016: From left: Kalliopi Amygdalou, Rodney Simes, Noel Micaleff, Maria Elisa Sponza, Tecla Aperio, Jean Ozmirza, Peter Papi, John Papi, Görkem Daşkan, Craig Encer, Mert Saraçoğlu (lawyer), Mario Giovanni Sponza, Anne Marie Russo Erem. The formal establishment of the Izmir Levantine Association.

Courtesy of Nancy Stevenson, descendant of the one-time chaplain Rev. John Theodore Wolters (1805-1882), the return of 3 engravings depicting the Buca Anglican ‘All Saints’ Church, drawn 1870-71 just before and after the completion of the final stage of this church established in 1865 (its history goes back earlier to the 1820s but was then a small converted house), 10 Nov 2015, photographed in front of this church now serving a Baptist congregation - from left: Alan Prior, Craig Encer, Padre Ertan Çevik, Willie Buttigieg - view the engravings.

Family Reunion of the descendants of the Whittall family of Turkey, Hammersmith Town Hall, London, 19 September 2015, organised by Betty McKernan and attended by family members from 12 different countries around the world. A welcome address by John Whittall, a historical context address by David Whittall - read the text.

Meeting in Izmir - 20 April 2015: From left: Noel Micaleff, Peter Papi, Craig Encer, Cinzia Braggiotti, Anne Marie Russo Erem, Leslie Andrew Micaleff, Frederick de Cramer, Rodney Simes, John Papi, Andrew Simes (not in photo Alex Baltazzi).

Meeting in Istanbul - 9 April 2015: From left: Rinaldo Marmara, Selva Suman, Zeynep Cebeci Süvari, Mafalda di Napoli, Fortunato Maresia, Armanda Gina Campaner, Giovanni Manzini, Paolina Maresia, Livio Manzini (back), Marek Pusiç (kneeling), Craig Encer, Jonathan Beard, Ceyden Casaretto, -, Fabio Casaretto, André Zakari (not in photo: Patricia Gazze)

Meeting in Izmir - 27 January 2012: (clockwise from left end of the table): Funda Adıtatar, Görkem Daşkan, Tolga Kağan Önder, Emel Kayın, Barbaros Uçar, Ingrid Braggiotti, (sitting set back, Başak Sarigöllü, Virna Mulino), İnci Kuyulu Ersoy, Andrew Simes, Peter Papi, Cinzia Braggiotti, Anne Marie Russo Erem, Fabio Tito, Linda Tito, Tony Magnifico, Rodney Simes, Yaşar Ürük, İlhan Pınar - and Eda Kaçar, taking the photo. Not seen in the photo but also at this meeting were: Marina Corsini, Roland Richichi and Pelin Böke.

The first meeting in Izmir - 3 August 2010, hosted in the garden of Peter Papi: (clockwise from left end of the table): Peter Papi, John Papi, Marina Corsini, Melisa Urgandokur, Eda Kacar, Fabio Tito, Rodney Simes, Alex Baltazzi, Ebru Öztürk, Antonio Tito, Andrew Simes, Diana Vitel, Ingrid Braggiotti.