A commercial letter written by the Smyrna based engineering firm. The translation and explanation of this letter courtesy of George Vassiadis:
This letter clearly comes from the archive of the Goutos Bros import export company of Mytilene in Lesbos (the main bulk of which was discovered in an abandoned building in Mytilene some years ago and subsequently acquired by ELIA in Athens). The letter is addressed to Vasilios N. Goutos, in Mytilene, and concerns an order for British-made industrial straps. The letter is signed by Phanis Demas, presumably one of the partners in the company. There is no indication in the letter as to whether the company was British, though the name Rankin and the fact that the company represented Babcock and Wilcox Ltd strongly suggests it.
image courtesy of George Poulimenos
A segment of the 1905 Chas E. Goad fire insurance map of Smyrna showing the position of the Rankin sawmill (it is not clear if the Rankin & Demas industrial works were within this unit) in Punta zone, the neighbouring Issigonis factory and marked in red, however the former Prokopp brewery (blue) is not labeled in the map, since it had already closed down in 1905.
An example of a machinery made by this company, Reisdere, Çeşme.