Sir Alec Issigonis
The Boudjah - Smyrna born Alec Issigonis was an engineering genius and even after his death there is a fan base for his cars. The above photo is a publicity shot with the first produced Mini, at his retirement in 1972. The lower picture is is an early (1958) Issigonis drawing of his vision for the Mini.
1965 and the Mini reaches the 1 million production mark, Alec Issigonis and Bill Edwards, the Production Manager.
Picture of the Issigonis factory from the Indicateur Commercial 1898-1899 (the Greek text reads: “Factories D. Issigonis, Founded in 1854, The Oldest and the Biggest in Anatolia, Industrial Enterprises”.
Picture of the Michalakis Issigonis family in their Smyrna day, an uncle (?) to Alec from this numerous family.