An antique beer bottle belonging to the Brasserie De La Pointe, which was located in Bornova Sokak, Punta. I looked up the register records of the Prokopp’s, and have found that the dates match the person below. It must be an incredible story; to become a widow, and to run a business on her own. Also noteworthy is that the founder of the mini, a Smyrniot, Alec Issigonis’ mother, Hulda Josephine Henriette (1884-1972), was also a Prokopp, a Bavarian origin family.
Clara (nee Pohl) Prokopp, birth possibly in 1816, Died 9 October 1898 - Izmir, (Cathedral records: vol: 2 / act no: 232, age at death: possibly 82 years old)
Married to Gottfried PROKOPP, Children: Arnold (1843-1902), Fanny Bertha (1859-1919), deces: Veuve de Gottfried PROKOPP (possibly when 29 years old).
research courtesy of Andrew Simes

Clara Prokopp (nee Pohl) had been married twice: first to a Mr Stengel with whom she had a son Karl (Charles) and then to Gottfried Prokopp with whom she had Arnold & Fanny. It seems she was 29 when she lost her first husband, and over 40 when she lost the second. This is perhaps the origin of the legend concerning her young age as a widow.
Arnold Prokopp, born around 1843, died on February 28th 1902 in Smyrna (Cathedral vol: 2 – act no: 617), married to Mina Warning, he was the father of Gertrude (born 1882), Henriette (born 1883), Sophie (born 1885), Maria Maddalena (born 1889) & Gottfried (born 1892).
Fanny Bertha Prokopp, born around 1859, died October 18th 1919 (ND du Rosaire – vol: 1 – act no: 639) married to Carlo Crespi (1847-1925) mother of Giovanni Kiamil (1886-1948), Clara (1887), Regina (1889-1897), & Nicolas Firuz (1894-1977).
research courtesy of Marie-Anne Marandet

The Smyrna Catholic Cathedral register of the marriage of Carlo Crespi and Fanny Bertha Prokopp in 1884.

Death entry of Clara Prokopp 1898.

All the Smyrna Issigonises were related, and Clara Prokopp, the “Veuve Prokopp” of brewery fame, was Sir Alec Issigonis’ maternal great-grandmother. The Prokopp factory was in Punta-Alsancak, occupying a full block between Bornova Sokak and the present 1469 Sokak. It is one and the same as the brewery which Sokrates Prokopiou refers to as “Prokopi” in his verse description of circa 1920 Smyrna, Sergiani sten palia Smyrne, the final ‘i’ being added to accommodate his poetic metre. According to Bardsley’s 2005 biography of Sir Alec, the brewery buildings were there until quite recently. Likewise, the Issigonis engineering works were also in Punta-Alsancak, though I am not sure exactly where.
research courtesy of George Vassiadis

The region marked with the number 5 [hover for map] is used as a car park these days. This is a large area, and according to testimonies, it was here were the brewery was located. One of the houses lying south of the car park (lower left hand corner of region 5) is the Veuve Prokopp drinking hall. I think have pinponted exactly which house. According to my father, the Vve Prokopp beer bottle was given to him at one of these houses when still being used as bar back in the 60s. They brought him down to the cellar, and he remembers seeing hundreds of these bottles!
information courtesy of Andrew Simes
Location of former brewery.
A different version of this brewery’s bottle.