According to the book by Bülent Şenocak this venue was later the Kraemer Theatre, later Pathé Cinema and today the site is occupied by the Izmir Cinema.
The cafe Alambra with an ongoing celebration. The variety of European flags suggests not the Greek landing of 1919 but possibly the 1908 Constitution. The building stood immediately to the north of the Sporting Club.
The busy port of Smyrna, where due to shallowness of the harbour, many wares had to be taken by smaller ships to the full sized vessels offshore. The nearest building is the German owned Hotel Hück, with a photo view below. The next building along is clearly the MacAndrews and Forbes depot, as shown by the prominent lettering in the lower photo.
The tram line ran along the seafront all the way to ‘Darağaç’, as can be seen in the 1923 Pervititch maps.
Postcard view of a busy ‘Le Quai’ of Punta
The French Consulate before and after the 1922 fire.
Postcard view of the ‘Cinema Palace’ a 700 capacity cinema and in 1920 its owners were Said Bey and Pierre Depollo and it was in the location where later the ‘Tayyare Cinema’ would operate.
Modern views of this coastline, archive views of the neighbourhood further North | South