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These photos seemed to be taken around the turn of the century and are from the John Williamson photo album, but with no annotation on their back. This photo was shown to experts who were able to identify as the Aziziye Mosque in Konya, a city in central Anatolia.
The covered pool is known as a şadırvan, probably the wash pool for this mosque.
Another covered water point, this time within the market, with the distinctive minarets of the mosque in the skyline.
Location not specified, these oxen pulled vehicles known as kağnı now a rare sight even in the remote corners of Anatolia.
Typical Anatolian dress of the period, but the tent seems to be of European type, so possibly these men were in the employ of Mr Williamson on his travels.
The lady holding the baby is Alithea Williamson (John Williamson’s sister) and the baby is her nephew William Eyre Williamson (future father of Alithea Lockie) born on 30th March 1906 in Cairo. Alithea never had any children and must have gone there to help her brother (who worked in the country) and sister-in-law when the baby was expected.
Portrait of John ‘Jack’ Williamson, my grandfather
John ‘Jack’ Williamson and his wife and their five children taken at Troodos in Cyprus in 1922. He married Hannah (Nan) Macredie in 1905. She was his second wife. His first wife was Amy Christine Black born 6/3/1863 died 9/2/1902 she had no children.
L - R seated on chairs are William, John, Hannah and Alithea (my aunt not my great aunt)
L - R on the ground are John, Kathleen and Nancy
This photo, although taken in Cyprus at the Williamson family retreat Asprokremnos (Aspro) on Troodos mountain shows L - R Fred Whittall (Alithea’s husband, his second wife), my grandfather John Williamson Williamson (Jack) and his younger brother William Henry Williamson (Henry) all of whom were from Smyrna.
image courtesy of Alithea Lockie
A younger John ‘Jack’ Williamson in the centre of this picture, location unknown, surrounded by a pair of mystery persons (one at least is likely to be one of his younger brothers, William ‘Henry’ or Charles), the older of whom is clearly the one in the lower photo, location unknown.
image courtesy of Alithea Lockie
image courtesy of Alithea Lockie
Smyrna c.1906, on the left my paternal great-grandmother, Elizabeth Williamson. Not sure about the other lady but the child here and in the following photos is my father William.
image courtesy of Alithea Lockie
Photo taken at the same time, I think the lady second from the left (middle lady) is my father’s mother Hannah. I’m not sure who the other two are but the one on the left may be Grace Williamson, pointing with her finger.
image courtesy of Alithea Lockie
The author of the diary, Aunt Grace Williamson at a later age.
image courtesy of Alithea Lockie
John ‘Jack’ Williamson with his first child, William Eyre, marked 1907 Boudjah, possibly in the front garden of his house there, if he then owned a house there as by then he was spending more time in Egypt. He could have been just been visiting his mother and sisters. [There appears to be a guard at the entrance, a common feature of security for the well-to-do, referred to in those days as a ‘Kavass’ - properly means ambassadorial / consular guard in Turkish, but used by Levantines in a more loose way].
This is probably the earliest portrait available of William Williamson, my great-grandfather. It is inscribed on the back saying he was born in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire and died in Malta in 1882. (Our family records give his parents address as The Grove, Cleckheaton).
William Williamson, my great-grandfather.
His wife Elizabeth née Barker (daugher of Henry Richards Barker 1795 Smyrna - 1863, and Marie Therese née Bargigli) with one of her daughters.
all above photos courtesy of Mrs Alithea Lockie
image courtesy of Thora Ray, 2010
This photo is one of a series that have been torn out of an album (which does not survive) by my mother and she told me were taken in Cyprus on the occasion of her Aunt Leila’s 80th birthday which would have been in 1932. In this group photo, I can identify on the front row left to right: Grace Esther Williamson (Gresther, my mother); Aunt Leila and Grace Williamson. My grandmother, Maude Williamson, widow of Charles Williamson is second from the right in the back row. Other persons at present unknown - image courtesy of Thora Ray, 2010.