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The extended family group shot in Smyrna around 1899-1900 - Use mouse to hover over photos to reveal names.
Cyprus where this shot was taken in 1922-3 was obviously the refuge for the family just after the fire. There is a note to state that Martin, son of William Williamson not present because he was at school in England. Both photos were ‘face named’ by Ronald Henderson in 1983.
Location quite possibly Nymph Dağ [mountain] near Kemalpaşa (around 20 km. inland from Smyrna).
The Williamson family surrounded by their children (1870s?).
Willliam Lewis (Leila Williamson’s husband) homestead somewhere in Turkey; however a later submission by Levant enthusiast Achilleas Chatziconstantinou shows this photo to be taken in Sokia as the lower archive photo’s bridge style proves. The photo is a postcard, published in the Greek book: “Astygraphia tis Elassonos Asias” (=urban geography of Asia Minor) by the late Lisa Michelis, Athens 1992, ISBN 960-85241-0-5, Galateia Editions. According to the researcher Cenk Berkant, this bridge and the buildings by it have not survived till today.
William Buckner Lewis
William Buchner Lewis with one of his sons in an orchard somewhere in Turkey
From left, Mary, Louisa, Leila, Elizabeth & Helen with baby Arthur, her first child
Ellizabeth Williamson
3 views of Leila Lewis, the man sitting on the steps with her unknown and the house may belong to son-in-law Caleb Lawrence in Paradise? though the description in grand-daughter’s, Dorothy Smith’s memoirs (about 6 steps) doesn’t fully fit.
Christmas 1947, Helen Lawrence surrounded by her grand-children