Simes photo archive
Photo from an aircraft listing book of a RAF Fairey Barracuda II torpedo bombers.
Alfred Simes writing a personal message before the bombing run on the Tirpitz sheltering in Norway.
Photo taken by Alfred Simes of the very near miss of this bomb, causing crippling of the vessel making it unusable before going back months later, from bases in Russia and finally sinking it. They also killed more than half the crew.
An Italian wounded prisoner of war is hoisted to the deck of an Italian ship in Mersin, in southern Turkey. A British sailor (left) holds a rope to steady the hoist. A Turkish ship is anchored behind.
Simes also took this photo during Ataturk's review of Turkish military exercises in Kusadasi.
Then Royal army major, Al Simes took this photo of Sir Winston Churchill while the British prime minister was visiting a RAF bomber squadron in England in 1944
The Catholic cathedral of St John's at Izmir photographed in 1953.
Alfred Simes giving a pose, dressed for the carnival season.
image courtesy of Marina Corsini
Mr Simes on his 90th birthday party in Sept. 1999, enjoying a dance with his recently late wife Yvonne (1924-2006).
image courtesy of Marina Corsini
Three generations of the Simes at the Anglican Church yard in Izmir, for the Remembrance Day service (11 Nov 2007) to honour the war dead, where the local NATO guard of honour read out the names of those from the local community who died in WWI, and one who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Battle of the Somme is Alfred A. Simes’ father Thomas.
image courtesy of Marina Corsini
September 2009 and Alfred Simes celebrates his centenary!
image courtesy of Marina Corsini
Celebrating the big birthday with grandchildren Moira and Andrew Simes.
image courtesy of Marina Corsini
Celebrating 101 years of life on this planet with Moira.
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