A postcard view of Robert College acquired by Nancy Cutcliffe when she was there, probably a view taken from one of the towers of Rumeli Hissar. Subsequent investigation has revealed the building in the foreground is not the former George Baker home but that of a rich benefactor of Robert College. It is identified as the Kennedy Lodge in a book by May N. Fincanci (pub. 1975). It was built in 1891 for the president of R.C. by a wealthy Scottish Banker and railroad man, John S. Kennedy. click here for view from opposite side.
The house on the Bosphorus where Nancy (who also took this photo) stayed with Louisa (George Percival Baker’s eldest sister) and family. It was called Yılanlı Yalı [mansion with snakes] - click here for more information on this residence - all photos from the period 1936.
Lower left photo: Nancy at the back and Cynthia Binns in the front - Swimming over the street, in front of the Yali.
Ian Sharpe-Smith was a school friend of Victor Binns who went there on holiday at the same time as Nancy. His father was a rubber planter in Malaya. Ian also became a planter and was later a POW of the Japanese and died just after the armistice from malnutrition etc.

Information received in May 2008 from descendant Kathryn Whitaker:
I am the grand-daughter of John Seager, my mother Charlotte and I both agree that the man in the swimsuit looks like John Evelyn Seager, her father. John’s grandfather, John Seager (1838-1907), son of Edward Seager of Poole, Dorset and Newfoundland, was in trade and ended up helping Florence Nightengale’s effort by bringing supplies. Edward was the first Seager in Turkey, and was said to have brought the first steam power into the Bosphorus. He had offered his fleet to the Crimean war effort. He joined the fight on a whim and was killed (Battle of Balakalava) and left his 17-yr-old son John in Constantinople. John was the youngest to be entered in to the Cunard agency and had to have adults sign his checks for him. He was first to export angora wool from Turkey and connected with the Binns/Baker folk. He married Evelina Constantia Pembe Binns (1845-1886). Whole other story about how the Binns got there. Evelina’s mother wrote a diary about what it was like when she was in Turkey. The families are closely allied as John’s (the one in the photo) father Walter Constantine also married into that family, Edith Blanche Binns.

Mabel Stock was the daughter of Louisa, (eldest daughter of George Baker) married to Charles Edwards. She is also the sister to Mildred Binns. This house was a short distance along the street - same side - as Yılanlı Yalı. Not sure in which direction. Walking distance.

The nearest lady coming of the little boat Nancy thinks is probably Winifred who they called Auntie Winnie, however she can’t remember her surname. Possibly the wife of Middleton Edwards who married W. Seager (which would make her sister in law to Mabel Stock and Mildred Binns).

Mabel Stock is 3rd from left in the photo in the top centre showing the picnic lunch at Therapia (probably the island of Prinkipo, could they have sailed from Therapia to get there for the picnic? Could that be the confusion?). Victor is Victor Middleton Binns, (1918-1992) - ancestral details.

Mildred Binns was very tall, as was Cynthia her daughter. Husband Cuthbert was also very tall. Nancy Cutcliffe labelled the photos herself shortly after her holiday when she put them into the album.
info from Katherine Whitaker: Winifred Amy nee Seager (1874 Bebek - 1954) was the daughter of John Seager and Evelina nee Binns.

John Evelyn Seager - on the balcony of “the Yali” - was a relation.

info from Katherine Whitaker: Cuthbert Evelyn Binns (1880-1940) married Edith Mildred Edwards, a family involved in carpet trading. One of their children was Victor Middleton, shown above in other photos.

info from Katherine Whitaker: How the Binns, Baker, Edwards and Seager families of the Levant are related.
We are sad to report the death of Nancy Cutcliffe, mother of contributor Belinda Levitan and grand-daughter of George Percival Baker of Istanbul who together with his brothers ran the carpet exporting business. Nancy Cutcliffe died on 13 April 2017, several weeks short of her 102nd birthday. May she rest in peace.