Archive postcard views of Maltese Levantine run hotels on the island of Prinkipo in the sea of Marmara.
There is more information available on the owner of this hotel in the following book:
In and around Stamboul – Mrs Edmund Hornby, vol II, 1858
Signor Giacomo is a Maltese – was a little ragged sailor-boy, with bare feet, when he first entered Constantinople, as he delights in telling everyone. The store at Galata, which he arrived at by many patient steps, has been a mine of wealth to him, and he now owns all the best land in the Island [Prinkipo], and has built quite a little nest of white terraced houses. His own is a large and pleasant one, above a garden of three terraces, adorned with a multitude of white roses, which strike the beholder at least three miles off at sea…
c. 1903
aerial view in 1936
The sanatorium in Prinkipo / Büyükada.
The Prinkipo Yacht Club Company Ltd., formed in 1906 under the leadership of Leon Pearce, an Englishman - share certificates -, became the Ottoman Büyükada Yacht Club, Inc., in 1923, and Turkish Büyükada Yacht Club, Inc., after the declaration of the Republic in 1924. When the club went bankrupt in 1937, Atatürk ordered the conversion of the yacht club into the Büyükada branch of the Anatolian Club, for Turkish parliamentarians and other notables to enjoy Istanbul in the summer - view booklet:
images courtesy of Sarkis Karamanik
A group of young ladies from 1903 photographed in Prinkipo. Their hats has a suggestion they are possibly from the English High School for Girls in nearby Constantinople.
images courtesy of Sarkis Karamanik
A photo dated May 1927, and text in French indicates this Levantine group are about to go on a boat outing to Yassı and Sivriada, small satelite islands of the Prince’s Islands. Photo taken from their starting point of Eminönü.
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