Views of the ‘Kadınlar Banyosu’ [women’s baths]. When I was a very young teenager, my sister and I would go there for a swim. The building had been rebuilt from what the photos show, but it was the same structure, closed in for privacy, although you could swim out if you wanted to.1
1918, image courtesy of Franziska Schleyer
The initials of KRC stand for Kadikeui Rowing Club, that later morphed into the Moda Yatch Club with its own building just to the side that later became Moda Deniz Kulübü.
The Karışık Banyolar [mixed baths] - where there was a large sandy area, and before Jennifer and I went to the Kadınlar Banyosu on our own, Mum would take us to the Karışık Banyolar as there was the sand to play in. What you see is the long diving platform that all the local lads used!1
The building in the centre is the Moda Deniz Kulübü of my youth.1
Archive postcard views of Moda on the Bosphorus/Sea of Marmara.
image courtesy of Yolande Whittall
An early 20th Century post-card view of ‘Impasse Whittall’ in Moda. The ‘Tower’ is visible in the distance, the William James Harter Whittall house (258 Moda Caddesi, Moda, Kadıköy) is hidden on the right side of the photo and the nearby 2 houses were also lived for a time by family members, Reggie Whittall’s on the left? and the first house on the right was occupied by Richard (Dick) and Daisy La Fontaine. [note from Betty McKernan: Reggie and Gwen Whittall, as when I knew them, lived in Devriye Sokak, on the opposite site to the tennis courts.]
1 information courtesy of Betty McKernan.
Former Moda police station (Karakolhanesi)
Former Landgrebe (Swiss German?) house in Moda.
Former Wohl (German?) house in Moda. The contributor Osman Öndeş remembers this villa still standing till the 1960s, with a resident caretaker family, with a garden full of roses. This building stands no more, replaced with a high-rise like virtually all the former villas of the neighbourhood. The former owner appears to be Max Wohl an engineer and representative of a number of foreign firms as seen in this entry in a trade almanac (Annuaire Oriental, commerce, industrie, administration, magisture de l’Orient) from 1913.
The former Glavany mansion of Moda.
The Charneaud house of Moda, long since gone.
The former Villa Mathieu of Moda (Devriye sok. no: 48). According to researcher Osman Öndes this building no longer stands and was at the intersection point of Fazil Pasa Sokak and Devriye Sokak and the owner was Mathieu Summa who was the Turkey-wide agent for the Egypt & Levant Steam Shipping Co. and was also involved in export trade. His business address seen in documents was Karaköy Mumhane Caddesi, Fransiz Geçidi / Cite Francais in Galata.
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