The Löhner house was formerly occupied by a German merchant who had made his fortune exporting raisins. The building was sold to a Turk for development around 1970s but the arrival of protection laws prevented the intended demolition and after serious deterioration has only recently (2003) been restored by the council. This house is near the Karşıyaka ferry terminal and the houses lower down, have been arranged in sequential order as one moves away.
This house was built and belonged to the Dutch ship broker, Heinrich Van Der Zee. The building was used for a time as the Dutch Consulate of the city and there is an elaborate memorial altar in the name of the pair children of its builder, born here and died young, in the St. Helene Catholic church of Karşıyaka. Currently the building is a restaurant.
The Italian Pennetti family seem made their fortune through importing machinary, this house being built by the engineer Armando Pennetti. The family whose descendants still live in the city, seemed to have undertaken many industrial ventures such as the first nail and brick factories of the country.
This house, at the Bostanli end of Karşıyaka, currently owned by one of the richest men of Izmir, Durmus Yasar, but was formerly the house of the Aliotti family, and the date on the wrought iron top of gate, 1914, probably indicates its construction date.
The building opposite the Karşıyaka ferry landing, now being used as a cafe ‘Öğretmenler Lokali’ was once the Levantine frequented Club Petrocochino.
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