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The purpose of this page is to try to layout in tabular form the various social institutions and event timelines to assist would be researchers.

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This document kept in with a confused bundle of other documents at the St John's Anglican church at Alsancak, is useful in that it provides an accurate snapshot of British residents of Alsancak, the need of which arose out of an argument on the proposed location of the new church.

List of ‘Members of the British Protestant Community of Smyrna
1. Within the Old Hospital radius (28 households, 69 persons)
2- Within the Point radius (38 households 112 persons)

As the Br. Seaman’s hospital (5 unnamed persons shown) is on the point list, the Old Hospital must refer to its predecessor. I could not ascertain but suspect was near the first Br. Cemetery in the Konak area. The only name encountered from the Point list and buried in Buca is that of E. Purser Senior, and possibly W. Maltass (Old H. List), the rest were probably buried in the relatively nearby Caravan Bridge cemetery.

Unfortunately as stated in the July 1898 covering letter,’ ...plan of Smyrna in which I have inserted to the best of my knowledge the residences of all the Old Established British Protestant families...’ could not be found.
Using this list and cross checking with names on the 1905 insurance map, I can roughly determine the extent of the Old Hospital radius (includes present day Gümrük area), and other cross checks allow full first names to be established e.g. Ernest Abbott (Liyaro han), corundum miner, John Honischer (H. warehouse) acorn exporter1j-p.176

The List in full:
The covering letter continued…‘adding as many ladies (English) married to foreign subjects as I could think of. I have not shown spinsters & bachelors living in apartments or lodgings as them I consider-form part of the floating population of the town. I have also omitted some families in the neighbourhood of the Scotch Mission. I do not believe this is of any consequence as that quarter is already provided with a church. Yours… S. Watkins’.

List of Members of the British Protestant Community of Smyrna
Within the Old Hospital Radius

Name - Number (of persons in household) - Notes (by me)
H. Vedova 2
Mrs J. Gout 1
W. Barkshire 6 Founder of ‘Ecole Commercial’ in 1872
R. Rose 1 Soap manufacturer
W. Maltass 2
Mrs Schnell 1
J. Whittall 4
F. Joly 8
British Consular Residence 5 On site accommodation?
E. Abbott 1 The corundum miner
Mrs Blunt 1 Dtr in law of ex Consul?
I. Honischer 1 Son of A.F.H. of Buca cem.?
D. Constant 5
Plati Iren(?) 2
T. Greenwood 2
A. Elliot 4
Mrs E. Joly 6
O. Vedova 1 Father of WWI dead
P. Hadkinson 1 The dominant olive oil producers, a brother (?)Bob H.
W. Hadkinson 2 the British assistant judge to the trade law court 1d-p.212
T. Hatton 5
Mrs Macraith 1
Mrs Brinkman 1
Mrs A Schiadan 1
Mrs E Belhomme 1
Mrs Moraitini 1
Mrs Marcara 1
Mrs E. Hück 1
Mrs A. Hück 1 Possibily widowers of the German husbands connected with the same name hotel, formerly on the sea-front

Within the Point Radius

I. Smith 1
W. Gilbertson 1
T. Simes 2 Thomas, father of A. Simes interviewed, with wife
J. Gandon 4
E. Purser Senr. 1
E. Purser Junr. 2
W. Shotton 2
S. Watkins 3
D. Andrus 4
Br. Seamens Hospital 5
A. Warren 1 Father of WWI dead?
E. Vedova 1
C. Simes 1 Charles
W. Simes 1 William, the grandfather of A. Simes
J. Carr 6
A. P. Rice 5 Alfred Percy, father of WWI dead
A. W. Rice 5
Mrs Pigatt & M. Carmanyalo 7
T. Bottomley 2
J. Walker 2
T. Hall 5
F. Smith 4
J. Carter 2
R. Watkins 4
G. Albon 6
H. Chasseaud 3
A. Joly 6
S. Perrin 6
Mrs E. Giraud 6
Mrs Pelicass 2
Mrs Manifico 1
Mrs Caporal 1
Mrs Alevra 1
Mrs Clemm 1
Mrs Routh 4
Mrs Plati 2
Mrs Turnbull 1
Mrs Dempster 1

1-Not much is known of the Punta British community as the fire of 1922 was probably most calamitious for them, forcing a general exodus at that date. The proximity of the railway stations points to many names having a connection with this employment field.
2- According to information from descendant Mac MacDougal in 2007:

I have obtained some birth and marriage certificates which prove that the Thomas Perrin and George Perrin who lived in Smyrna from 1864 were two cousins born in the village of Shipbourne in Kent. Before they moved to Smyrna these cousins lived in Portugal. I presume they were engineers working on the Edward Purser’s (chief engineer for the newly established Ottoman Railway company) tunnels.

The S. Perrin on the Punta list could be Samuel Perrin who was married in Smyrna (the number suggests there were 4 children in the household). I have not seen a copy of the marriage certificate of Samuel but I suspect that he was a son of the George mentioned above. The grandfather of George was named Samuel so there is some continuity in the names.

The George Henry Perrin of Smyrna who was buried in Athens was probably also a son of George.

From the cemetery survey on this site, we know that Thomas died 1872 aged 38, his wife was Charlotte and they had 4 children who died in infancy: Sarah Anne died 1875, Francis Annie died 1870, Edith Mary died 1871, Thomas Edward died 1873 (Guildhall records). Then we have evidence of 2 surviving children, Agnes Perrin dies 1917 aged 46 (born 1871), Winifred May marries Amand Webber (more info on this family) and their child is baptised 1912.

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