image courtesy of Frederick de Cramer
Alphons Johann Gustav von Cramer: real life and portrait painter. Here he is seen wearing the badge of Commander of the Order of Mejid (Mecidiye Nişanı).
He was born in 1834 in Smyrna, Asia Minor and died April 1, 1884 in Pegli Multedo, Genoa, Italy. He grew up in Vienna, Austria and moved to Florence, Italy where he received his first art instruction.
Further advancing his career, he moved to Paris and in 1862 attended the Düsseldorf Academy. He studied there under Wilhelm Sohn. He stayed on until 1876 and travelled extensively to Turkey, Greece, and Asia Minor. In Constantinople he painted three portraits of Sultan Abdul Aziz. His best known work is the altar painting of ‘John the Baptist’ in the cathedral at Smyrna.
In Germany he was most famous for his real life paintings: ‘Die Belauschten’, ‘Die Testamentse offnung’ (the opening of the will), ‘Damen auf den Balcon’ (women on the balcony), ‘Dalmatischer Hintenknabe’ (Dalmatian Shepherd boy), ‘Triumphzug des Herbates’ (Triump of Autumn) – his last work.
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An example of a painting by Alphons von Cramer: ‘L’arrêt à l’oasis’, 1878.
Five more oils on canvas by Alphons von Cramer: ‘Orientalisches Mädchen’, 1879 ;‘The flower girl’.
‘Gypsy girl’; ‘Aunt Coralie ’ - (Coralie Helene Sara De Cramer 1842-1925) married to H. Perkins.
The painting in the St. John Cathedral in Izmir.
image courtesy of Frederick de Cramer
Hermann Ambriose de Cramer Passport (1796), the first de Cramer to come to the Levant, died in Smyrna 1808.
image courtesy of Frederick de Cramer
Hermann Ambroise de Cramer, a safe-conduct document assuring Austrian protection to him and his servant Dominic Mayer. He was already nominated as the Austrian Consul of Smyrna.
image courtesy of Frederick de Cramer
Norbert de Cramer diploma for the title of Knight (ritter) of the Order of Franz Joseph (1886). He was son of Joseph Gustav de Cramer who in turn was the son of Ambroise de Cramer.
image courtesy of Frederick de Cramer
My aunt Marie Louise de Cramer (later to marry Stanley Arthur Peartree) (top 2nd from right), 1917-2002, early 1930s in the garden of the Catholic girls’ school in Bornova.
image courtesy of Frederick de Cramer
My father Richard de Cramer & mum (Dicko & Gerda 1955).
image courtesy of Frederick de Cramer
My father (Dicko) at tobacco inspection 1968 in the warehouse of Tütünex in Izmir.