image courtesy of Fabio Tito
2 view of the Catholic St. John cathedral in Alsancak.
image courtesy of Fabio Tito
image courtesy of Fabio Tito
Damage to the surrounding area following the 1922 fire.
image courtesy of Melisa Urgandokur
image courtesy of George Galdies
The magnificent painting over the high altar of the Catholic Cathedral of Izmir depicting St John Apostle and Evangelist, with the eagle as his liturgical symbol and holding his pen and scroll; writing his Gospel. This painting is autographed by A. von Cramer.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
The photo of a monument in the garden of St. John’s Cathedral, printed in 1970 by the American military in their magazine ‘Cathedral Column’ who rented the Cathedral for their religious services. One of the photographs in this publication show the marble column standing in the garden. This was built to commemorate the life and service of Archbishop Vincenzo Spaccapietra (1862 - 1878), who ordered and oversaw the construction of the Cathedral. He is buried inside the Cathedral. From the the two photos one can see the difference from the 1970 shot, and a contemporary one (2011), possibly the result of vandalism.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes, 2011