A view of Boudjah in 1904 from a photo-card, possibly the back parallel street (todays Erdem cad. ?) as the buildings are somewhat humble. Below a view of Boudjah captured by the French (?) photographer, Rubellin, taken 1880.
Photograph by Rubelin, c. 1880, image courtesy of Fabio Tito
Photograph courtesy of Edward de Jongh, from the the Brian de Jongh collection
This postcard view from the 1930s is possibly taken from the Forbes hill, looking towards a landscape difficult to tie in with today. The humble buildings nearby are probably recently erected dwellings of Turkish refugees, and the white building in the background looks like the Orient Catholic seminary in its last period of function.
image courtesy of Achilleas Chatziconstantinou
The now disappeared St. John Prodromos (Greek for Forerunner) of the upper mahala Buca, viewed in 1958, in its ruinous state - from the book: ‘The church of Smyrna’, Christos Solomonidis, Athens, 1960 - site currently occupied by a mosque.
Looking down the main Uğur Mumcu Cad. of Buca with the former Farkoh house on the left.
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