Swiss brothers named Bomonti set up a brewery for beer in the then outlying Feriköy district of Constantinople in 1890 and later moved their factory in 1902 to the location shown. It was the first major brewery in Constantinople - Prokopp was earlier and was based in Smyrna. The Bomonti name is still used to designate this neighbourhood of Şişli.
Later the London based Nectar Brewery Company Limited establishes a brewery in Büyükdere in 1909 starting a fierce competition. By 1912 they merged under the name “Bomonti-Nectar Combined Beer Factories Company” - see share below: This combined company also establishes a rakı factory in Izmir. The young republican government was anxious to nationalise all alchohol production, and it gave the Bomonti brothers permission till 1938 to continue their operation. Yet the government later changes its own stance and after machinations sequestrates the company in 1934 and the factory was then administered by Tekel with the name of Istanbul Tekel Beer Factory. The building which was used as the beer factory by Tekel was abandoned in 1991 and the government has recently allowed commercial bidding to develop the site. However in August 2012 the Culture and Turism Ministry of Turkey cancelled the permit it had earlier issued to Global Yatırım Holding, Çelebi Holding to develop the site on the grounds that the value submitted was too low - details:
Ladies enjoying the beer in the beer garden attached to the brewery that served the public between c. 1930 and 1950.
In order to encourage further consumption the company established many beer gardens in the Thrace, Marmara sea region, extending to Eskişehir.
The company seems to have established a sister brewery in Alexandria, Egypt as well, as seen from this label - details.