London 2016 Conference videos

Videos of the 3rd Levantine Heritage Foundation international conference: ‘The Levantines: Identities and Heritage’, 2-3 November 2018, Cotsen Hall, Athens, Greece - booklet - images

Welcome by LHF Chairman, Quentin Compton-Bishop & opening remarks by Professor Jenifer Neils, Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Keynote speech by Paschalis M. Kitromilides: ‘The Challenges of Pluralism’

Lecture by Umberto Signori: ‘Greeks in the service of the Republic of Venice. Venetian Consuls in the Ottoman Empire (1670-1715)’

Lecture by Despina Vlami (Academy of Athens): ‘Merchant office holders in 18th century Levantine trade. Non business profit-seeking mechanisms, power politics and Levantine identity’

Lecture by Lucia Patrizio Gunning (University College London): ‘Levantines and the British Consular Service’

Lecture by Richard Wittmann (Orient-Institut, Istanbul): ‘The German Teutonia Club and its role as a cultural hub of the Levantines in pre-World War 1 Istanbul’

Lecture by Andreas Baltas (Panteion University, Athens): ‘The sports activity of the English Commercial School “Barkshire” in Smyrna and Athens’

Lecture by Joseph Nicholas Murat: ‘Exploring the Murat Levantine identity’

Lecture by Şebnem Şenyener: ‘Anastasia: Speaking her silence’

Keynote speech by Alexander Kitroeff: ‘Greeks and Levantines in Egypt: Parallel Lives’

Book presentation by Achilleas Chatziconstantinou: ‘The Smyrna Quay – Tracing a symbol of Progress and Splendour’

Lecture by Jérôme Muniglia de’ Giustiniani (independent researcher, France): ‘The Levantins – an Italian word’

Lecture by Ioanna Koukounis: ‘Through the eyes of a Levantine: Hieronymo Giustiniani’s manuscript on Genoese Chios’

Lecture by Philip Mansel (Institute of Historical Research, London): ‘Salonica, Jerusalem of the Balkans’

Lecture by Hervé Georgelin (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens): ‘Smyrna in the wartime: End of October 1914 – September 8th, 1922’

Lecture by Haakon Ikonomou (Aarhus University, Denmark): ‘Between the Levant and the League: Thanassis Aghnides and the Greco-Turkish population exchange’

Lecture by Giorgio Peresso: ‘The role of Malta following the Smyrna humanitarian crisis of 1922’

Lecture by Iulia Alexandra Oprea: ‘Uncertain legal status: Rise and fall of Turkey’s Levantine community’

Conference closing speech by Axel Corlu.

Selection of videos of the presentations from the 3rd Levantine Heritage Foundation international conference in Athens.