This is the oldest photo, and Mr Warren, judging Louisa's age as five, estimates the picture to date from 1892, making Amos, seated at the centre around 51.
Albert and Anna Warren, with the rollover showing the couple on their 50th wedding anniversary in Cairo in 1946.
Photo taken to celebrate Amos and Madalene's 50th wedding anniversary, at the back of which was a poem Amos addressed to Madalene, dated Boudja 1919 - hover for 8 names.
A group showing Ralph in top left hand corner, with a group of his friends, some of which Mr Warren was able to identify. The photo was probably taken in the autumn of 1914, and shows a group of Smyrna Levantines reporting to offer their services ‘for King and country’ at the British consulate in the city. The flanking sargeants are probably non-Levantines, who may have done the vetting - hover for 5 names.
Ralph Max Warren (right) in uniform, obviously taken shortly before his leave to the Western front, where he was to die with his cousin Cecil Rice (centre), and on left is elder brother John.
Photo on the left shows Louisa nee Warren who married Val Stewart. An accomplished painter who signed her work as LW, she died in 1974. Photo on right is Anna Warren, wife of Albert at age 96 taken in Athens.
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