Volunteering options for the Levantine Heritage Foundation

This website has been built up over many years by people who have provided their time and energy to help preserve this slice of multi-cultural history. We are very grateful for this work.

As a potential volunteer we would love to hear from you and assess together how much free time you have, what interests you and how your work could help the widest number of people.

Volunteering in the Levant

If you are based in or travel frequently to the countries we label as the Levant, volunteering options increase. This could involve photographing buildings (especially those at risk), cemeteries etc. Interviewing people in the region who have knowledge or recollections of interest, checking archives in those countries on behalf of specific requests. If you have language skills, translating documents would also be a valuable service. In addition there exist some archives from various estates that promise unique data. It would usually involve a considerable amount of time to assess and record documents and books that are sometimes in a vulnerable condition.

Volunteering from Abroad

We will fit in with your interests and accessibility to materials, whether these are from family or in archives in your part of the world. There is much we would love to access, and here your knowledge of what materials do survive in your region would be a key for a potential partnership for their reproduction / transcription / scanning or whatever it takes to secure their long-term future.

Finally there are some photographic archives in different parts of the world, whose owners recognise their intrinsic value, but do not have the knowledge and equipment to scan these. Here your location and degree of proximity would be crucial in helping to preserve this aspect of Levantine heritage. Applications for travel expenses would be considered.