image courtesy of Patrice Guiffray
The Verbeke house under snow circa 1950s. It was situated on Cumhuriyet Meydanı at the corner of the road leading to the Cathedral. It was sold to make way for apartment blocks.
image courtesy of George Galdies
image courtesy of Andrew Simes
The site of the former Verbeke house in 1969, a year after the erection of a high-rise, which includes on the 4th floor the Belgian Consulate.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes, 2011
A public fountain the neighbourhood of Darağaç, built by Maurice Verbeke, upon the death of his 17 year old son, Pierre. The fountain has long since been cut from its water.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes, 2011
Images of remains of the other Levantine, ‘Dalmas’ fountain in Kestelli/Kemeraltı.
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi, 2011
The Swedish Pavilion at the Izmir International Fair in 1963, Mr Maurice Verbeke (Consul of Belgium) is the tall man on the right, Alex Baltazzi in the center (at the time the Sabena Belgian Airlines Izmir director and represantive of the Belgian Trade Office), on the left possibly the Belgian Director of the Belgian Pavilion.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes, 2011
The condition of the Verbeke house in Dalyan-Çeşme as of 2011.