According to the 1908 Izmir health inspector’s report, there was a doctor by the name of Fon Veras, confirming this identity without giving any more details - information courtesy of Melisa Urgandokur.
The location of this children’s doctor’s practice is given as Trassa Street as indicated in the Simvoli stin Ikonomiki Zoi tis Smirnis meta to 1870 - apercu sur la vie economique de Smyrne apres 1870) de. Odisseas Lampsidis. The author Prokopiu states in his Seriani stin Palia Smirni mentions a Veras as saraffi [jeweller] - information courtesy of Alex Baltazzi.
He is mentioned in the last commercial guide included in the Lampsidis book, that of 1909/10. There was also a Veras Th. A. & Co., a banker, in all the guides from 1888 to 1910, and a Veras & Tsolakidis as well. It seems to me probable that S. Veras was a Greek, not a Levantine. - information courtesy of George Poulimenos.