The shore-side locations of Kadıköy highlighted.
Postcard of the quayside named after the family, a revellation from a postcard that cropped up in an auction site recently.
bay of Bebek
Bay of Bebek, apparently that’s my great-grandfather’s boat, ‘The Jennie’, moored furthest right.
The caption in my grandmother’s album says: “cargo transport of the old days.”
Rumeli hissar
View of Rumeli Hissar in the 1920s(?). Tubini house is barely visible on the far right, nearest large upper tower of the castle - as seen today. Click here for further photos of this region.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
Viewing the same houses across the valley, date possibly 1910-20s.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
2 closer views of the Tubini house near Rumeli Hisar, the one above in the snow around 1917 and the one below dated 1941, the dates when the family moved in and out, when Bernard Tubini the professor died. I think his wife moved into another house in RumeliHisar/Bebek. The address seems to say: 3 Fenerli Türbe Sokak. That’s the one labelled “white wood” on the sketch map.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
The house stone through from the main tower, I don’t know if they even got any sunlight! I have a side shot where the tower is right there. From google maps [hover to view], it seems like the house is still standing and is at the corners of Kaleğası Sok. and Aşiyan Yolu Sok.
Views of the interior of the house.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
My Great-Great-Grandmother, Rose Corpi, in all her Victorian glory.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
Rosalie ‘Rose’ Tubini (neé Corpi) with her daughter Nettie, taken in 1914. She is wearing the nurse’s uniform for her work nursing Turkish wounded of the Balkan Wars.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
Rose Corpi again seated on the left with her family, and in the centre her mother Sofie nee Copsida (know nothing of her origins), and I don’t know who the others are. Presumably taken at the Corpi house in Beylerbeyi(?) on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus.
Tubini family
My great-great grandmother, Rose Corpi Tubini, surrounded by her grandchildren. Back row: Tony (Anthony Bernard) and Rosemary Tubini, Front Row: Nettie, Cecil, Rose Corpi, Jocelyn, and Nancy Tubini. ca. 1927.
Bernard and Jennie Tubini at sea
A perisistent passion of the family was sailing. Here are Bernard Anthony Tubini and his wife Jennie, who grew to look more and more like a good English country lady with age. Taken in the sea of Marmara, no doubt. ca. 1930s, and interestingly flying the British naval ensign.
Group photo taken in the grounds of Robert College showing Bernard Tubini (seated in the middle with hat) was at the time the President of the Athletic Association of that institution through which sports such as basketball were introduced to Turkey. Below is Mr Tubini’s academic credentials listed in the College yearbook.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
On board dormitory is a good example of the summer sailing and camping excursions taken by the whole family. Person sitting I’m pretty sure that’s Tony Tubini. Left to Right: Rosemary, Nancy? or Antoinette?, unknown?, Cecil, Tony (upright), Bob Miner?
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
Community school in Istanbul, ca.1929. My grandmother Antoinette is at far right, top row, marked with an x. Her sister Nancy is making a face on the left in the top row, marked with an arrow. Their brother Tony is indicated also.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
A prototypical photo of Cecil Tubini, my grandmother’s brother, sportsman extraordinaire. Taken Istanbul, 1950s.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
A photograph of the supposed Tubini family crest, from the heraldic archives in Milan. It says below the shield: “Estratto dall’ Archivio Araldico Vallard in Milano Antonio Vallardi ?Via? Mos?cova 49” Apparently someone also acquired a family history from the archives, which was marked as written by Antonio Volladi, 1907.
image courtesy of Alison Tubini Miner
The family vault of Hyacinthe Tubini at the Catholic cemetery of Feriköy, Istanbul, clearly demonstrating the wealth and importance of this family during the 19th century.
image courtesy of Sarkis Karamanik
A lottery ticket managed by Mr G. Tubini of Galata, for the reconstruction of the Georgian Catholic Notre Dame de Lourdes Church in Bomonti, Şişli - one of the few still standing in the world.