Trade token from the French Levantine clock/watch-maker Tallibart, based in Galata, from the 19th century. Further information on this shop gleaned through the book: ‘Three years in Constantinople; or, Domestic manners of the Turks in 1844’ - Charles White, Esq - ‘From the absence of bells and clocks to indicate the hours, there is no city where watches are more requisite than in Constantinople. Should the traveller desire to regulate his own watch, or to purchase one of those worn by the Turks, he can take advantage of the vicinity to consult Mr. Tallibart. Watchmakers abound in Galata and Pera, but none can be compared to this skilful artizan, whose shop is situated in the second lateral street below the Thursday-market, and immediately south of Yeny Djamy (new mosque).’
View a similar trade token from Smyrna, commemorative medal struck by the Italian Levantine community of Constantinople, 1923.