At the center (in civil attire), teacher of French, Monsieur Pol Cavusoglu 1930s?
From the top, left to right: Père Eusèbe, Fr. Anselme
Front row, left to right: Charles Toctan, Reginald Gallia, René Rousso, ?, ?, ? - 1935.
From the top, left to right: ?, Padre Vincenzo, Père Eusèbe, Fr. Anselme, ?
Front row, left to right: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Roland Barabich, ?, Claude Caporal, ? - 1936.
From the top, left to right: Padre Vicenzo, Mgr Tonna, Fr. Anselme
Front row, left to right: ?, ?Barrelier, Claude Guys, Gilbert Epic, Bernard Caporal, Hendrick Dutilh, Edouard Dermond, Henri Dermond, Raymond Guys - 1937.
From the top, left to right: Père Olivier, Fr. Anselmee
Front row, left to right: Arthur Sireilles, ?, Pierre Caporal, Pierre Rousso, Edouard (Edo) Galdiès, ? - 1938.
From the top, left to right: Père Olivier, Fr. Anselmee
Front row, left to right: ?, ?, ?, Robert Balladur, Albert Caporal, Alain Caporal, Antoine Saliba - 1939.
1941 - The bearded man in the centre (also below) Frere Anselme - the caption is ‘Les Privilegiés de Jésus’
From the top, left to right: all unknown
2nd row: ?, Arthur Sireilles, ?, ?, Robert Balladur, ?, ?,
3rd row: ?, ?, Albert Caporal, Fr. Anselme, Fr. Prilidien, Alain Caporal, Edouard Galdiès, ?
Front row, left to right: Antoine Saliba, ?, Roger Daumas, Roland Depollo, Aurel Daumas, Roland Richichi, ?, ?.
1943 - The bearded man to the left of Frere Anselme probably the Catholic chaplain.
Top row, left to right: Roland Depolo, ?, Frizt Ferken, Jean Pierre Icard, ?, ?, Marcel Petrizza.
Front row, left to right: Roger Daumas, Otto Barisich, unknown priest, Frere Anselm, Roland Richichi (?), Armand Caleya.
1946 - back row, extreme left: Armand Caleya, front row, extreme left: Jack Saliba, front row middle (with white collars) Karel Dutilh.
The student group of 1947 St. Joseph elementary group.
From the top, left to right, 1st row: 1- Jean Pierre Blanchet, 2- Nico Sireilles, 3- Louis Sireilles, 4- Armand Caleya, 5- Jackie Pardo, 6- Romain Braggiotti, 7- George Armao,
2nd row: 8- Guy Icard, 9- Rolland Rimar, 10- Marcel Petrizza, 11- Jean Pierre Icard, 12- Antoine Barbier (he became a dance teacher and eventually emigrated to Australia), 13- Aldo Braggiotti, 14- Aldo Larocca, 15- ? Johnson,
3rd row: 16- Guy Pagy, 17- Jacques Crespin, 18- Frere Marius, 19- Frére Philidien (of Alsace origin), 20- Turkish Prof. Ali Rıza Bey, 21- Noel Micaleff, 22- Alexandre Baltazzi,
4th row: 23- ? ?, 24- Cedric Hale, 25- Jacques Saliba, 26- Karel Dutilh, 27- Henri Guys, 28- Jean Claude Guys, 29- Gino Pardo, 30- Philippe Faruggia.
1948, from left to right: Roland Richichi, Nicolas Sireilles, Rolland Rimar, Louis Sireilles.
Top row, left to right: Benito Triches, Sergio, Remo Mellini, Fritz Ferken (deceased)
front row, left to right: Noel Micaleff, Jacques Saliba (currently resident UK), Rolland Rimar.
1948: Top row, 1st left: Aldo Braggiotti, 3rd from left: Benito Triches, 6th from left: Marcel Petrizzia, 7th from left: Roland Rimar (- see a later photo featuring Mr Rimar).
Row 2, 4th from the left standing back, half-visible: Frere Marius, 1st from the right, half-visible: Frere Jean
Row 3, 3rd from left: Alex Baltazzi, 4th: Nicholas Sireilles, 5th: Guy Pagy, 6th: Noel Micaleff, 7th: Armand Calleja, 9th: Armand Melini, 12th: Romain Braggiotti.
Sitting, 2nd from left: Frere Anselme, middle Archbishop Joseph Emmanuel Descuffi C.M. of Smyrna (born on 9 Jul 1884, died on 9 Jan 1972).
1940s, the bearded man Frere Anselme, next to him Frere M. Cavusoglu, to his left Gaetano (Nino) Tito, my grandfather.
The Freres (Fr. Marius in the centre) on an outing in an unknown location, 1940s - possibly the heights of Kemalpaşa, near the Hitite rock carving.
First row, on the right, my grandfather Marcel Braggiotti, Saint Joseph Alsancak, 1940s.
St Joseph Teachers in 1960, in order back row from left: Frere Philidien (known as Prelidien), Turkish teacher Ali Riza Bey, Frere Marius, Frere Olivier, Paul Cavusoglu;
middle row from left: Frere Anselme, Frere Amboise, Turkish teacher Saffet Aykum, Tevfik Durak?, Saruhan Bey?, Frere Sylvain, Kayıhan, ?;
front row from left: Cemal Bey?, ?, Frere Pierre Marie, ?, ?, Frere Gilbert.
St Joseph Teachers in 1969, in order from left: Fr. Olivier, Fr. Alfred, Fr. Marius, P. Sebastiano Bossina, Fr. Jean, Fr. Jean Marie, P. Giulio Battolla, Fr. Pascal, P. Elie Thierry, Fr. Benedetto Zorcolo; the same group also below.
The chapel altar within the St. Joseph school complex.