Small time leech sellers on the streets of Salonica.
Salonica 1910.
Salonica WWI trophy being peraded by the French forces.
The arrest of revolutionaries (Bulgarian nationalists?)
Salonica 1916
Salonica 1918, war time conditions.
Villa Allatini
The Villa of the Allatinis, wealthy 19th century Jewish industrialists.
Salonica prefecture
Formerly the Pasha’s palace.
Salonica panaroma
The great fire of 1917 and its aftermath.
The city c. 1910 with the new Ottoman Idadié (teacher-training college, a junior high school, a commercial school and a preparatory school for civil servants all in one) building visible on the left, middle distance, just beyond the eastern walls of the city (today the neo-classical building is the administrative offices of the University of Thessaloniki).
c. 1928
c. 1934
1904, Salonique Fire Brigade
c. 1934
1905, Salonica Turkish quarter - the lodge of the whirling dervishes of the Mevlevi Shia sect
c. 1934
c. 1910s
A photocard from the summer of 1908, possibly showing celebrations in the city of Salonica in support for the Young Turk Revolution that happened just a month before, with the discontent and rebellion starting within the locally based 3rd Army Corps in the Ottoman sancak of Macedonia, of which Salonica was the capital.
A photocard from the the early 20th century with what looks like the house of a prominent Turkish official, complete with the seal of the Sultan above the front door.
c. 1928
c. 1934