My great-grandparents, Vincenzo S.A.J. & Concepta Richichi
An issue of the marriage certificate of my great-grandparents.
My father, Charles F. V. Richichi in 1924.
My father and mother.
WWII period family food ration card issued by the employer of my father, Osmanlı Bank.
Me as a young boy with my parents in Izmir.
Me as a young man with my parents in Izmir.
Me on my wedding day.
My parentís 50th wedding anniversary, the Richichi and Finale families, Izmir 1970.
From left to right, bottom row: Roy Richichi, my parents, Nelson Richichi. Upper row, from right: My niece Gina, my wife, me, my aunt Marguerite (Rita), the mother-in-law of my sister Anna Finale, my brother-in-law Pierre Finale, my sister and my niece Mireille.
Visiting our Maltese family in 1995.
My Izmir family on the day of my decoration with the Archbishop of Izmir Mons. G. Bernardini.
My decoration.
Meeting his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in his visit to Turkey in November 2006.
Me, Roland Richichi with my wife Ivy.

images and information courtesy of Roland Richichi