image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
Views of the Ralli Apt. at Teşvikiye Caddesi, Nişantaşı, Istanbul
One of the prominent of the Greek families. The author Sturdza divides them into:
The Ralli branch of Byzantine and Peloponnese origin:
Descendants of a noble Crusader from Normandy Raoul Peau-de-Loup. We see them in Constantinople from the XIth century then in Peloponnese and Cyprus.
Ralli branch of the Phanar, Istanbul.
In high functions at the Patriarchate and as dragomans in Walachia and ramifications in Crete etc.
Ralli (Rhallys) of Athens
Origin from Constantinople in diplomacy and as physicians in various cities of Europe and then in Athens as politicians, as Demetrio (1842-1921) president of the Deliyanis party five time Prime Minister.
Ralli branch of Bessarabia:
Also originated from Constantinople lived mainly in Bessarabia as ‘boyards’ [voivods], owners of great properties.
Ralli branch of Chios:
This is the branch which according to me (Alex Baltazzi) is the one more connected to the other Chiot trading families and who also lived in Izmir and Istanbul and had trade agencies staffed often with their own family members in the most important ports of the Mediterranean and Black Sea (see my article The Chians). The Ralli brothers of London was one of the most famous multinational companies with many branches including Calcutta, Bombay and Karachi.
A Catherina Ralli born in Calcutta in 1872 married in London in 1901 Theodore Baltazzi (1870-1969) son of Aristide bey Baltazzi my great grand uncle. - more on the Ralli family: