The layout of the Paterson house based on the recollections of Edward de Jongh. The Paterson house is one of the earlier Anglo-Levantine houses of Bornova, situated between the former village square and Turkish cemetery, both long since gone. The slightly later arrivals of British Levantines such as Charlton Whittall, had to move to the then less desirable locations near the present Anglican church. The architecture and layout of the property is difficult to work out even for Edward who lived for a while in the house, as frequent architectural changes over the years made the layout somewhat disorganised, and the slight idiosyncrasies of the household, such as 'the forbidden zone' meant that visitors never saw all. Grandmother was very talented with the piano, and frequently played in tandem with Richard Abbott. Mother in law spent many hours with her crochet, while Stanley Paterson's favourite past-time was billiards.
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