The photo of Stanley Paterson with one of the 4 possible grandsons (Lorin son of Monica, Mark or Nick, son of Edward de Jongh, or Nigel Stevens, son of ‘Blue’), and in his favourite past-time playing billiards.
‘Tish’ (Mabel Maud nee Paterson) with son, Mark, taken mid 1950s, possibly at Lice [Ilica] beach. Photos provided by Mabel Maud’s surviving husband, Edward de Jongh.
Mrs Mary Paterson, nee Keun.
image courtesy of Evren Ünlü
A photo supposedly found a few years ago in the Paterson house, since sold on the internet. The name (Moira Brighton?) is not a family relation name, so possibly a friend of the late Mary Paterson?
image courtesy of Martin Jennings
John Borthwick Paterson (d. 1889), according to descendant Martin Jennings, painted by one of his sons who did a series of paintings. J.B.P. was the first of the family in the Levant, the grandfather of Stanley. - Click for a trade letter under his name.
A younger J.B.P. in some sort of official uniform.
J.B.P. with unknown persons.
Preziosa Henrietta Paterson, nee Routh (1835-93), wife of J.B.P. (m. 1854) and daughter of the Mr Richard Routh (1809-1867), British Consul in Constantinople, and Caroline nee Wegener.
Amand Routh, a branch of the Routh family who married in 1880 a cousin, Blache Routh, daughter of Richard Routh of Constantinople.
Blanche who married Amand Routh.
Charlie Paterson one of the sons of J.B.P. who married Beatrice Raynor.
Possibly Eric Paterson.
Noel Paterson.
Alice Whittall (d. 1935 unmarried), whose mother Alice Paterson was one of the daughters of J.B.P. who married Frederick George Whittall (1849-1897) of Smyrna. He was one of the sons of James Whittall of the Big House, Bournabat.
One of the daughters of Alice, nee Paterson, Elfrida Whittall, died unmarried.
The eldest of the sisters of the above, Mabel Whittall, photographed in 1898, died 1963 unmarried.
Another pair of sisters, on the left: Margaret Dorothy Whittall, died unmarried; on the right: Audrey Preciosa Whittall, died 1963, m. Canon Charles James Tapsfield, had 4 children with descendants today.