The former Orthodox Hospital Agios Charalambos, with its chapel, like many others was destroyed in the 1922 fire. It was the biggest hospital of Smyrna with 260 beds and had a separate building serving as a lunatic asylum and a rest home for the aged people. The location of this building equates to the modern Behçet Uz Children’s Hospital stands today on Şehit Nevres street. Some of the buildings in this compound have foundations that are pre-1922 - information courtesy of Andrew Simes, 2011.
image courtesy of Fabio Tito
The visit of the Orthodox metropolitan Chrysostomos to the Orthodox Hospital.
image courtesy of George Poulimenos
Greek military doctors & nurses with food offerings, 2-5-1919, in the courtyard of Agios Charalambos.
The Greek Red Cross team, which arrived in Smyrna in the winter of 1919, before the Greek army came in May of the same year. The man in uniform in the middle is chief medical officer Tsanakas, head of the team. He is visible also in another photo in the Agios Haralambos collection above, at the side of Metropolitan Chrysostomos.
In the courtyard of this hospital, period 1920-22. Below at the grand-stand of this hospital, 1921.
image courtesy of Fabio Tito
image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
Superimposition of a new road networks over old position of hospitals in the Şehit Nevres Boulevard / Rue des Hopitaux region from Rauf Beyru ‘19 yüzyılda İzmir kenti’ - ‘Rum Hastanesi’ being the Orthodox Hospital.