The former Dr. Lewis Mizzi (Maltese Levantine) mansion in Büyükada (Prinkipo), distinguished by its tower. Dr. Mizzi owned the Levant Herald and Eastern Expresss (weekly edition for abroad of the Levant Herald) newspapers (based in 35 Asmalimecit sok., Pera), in addition to being a prominent lawyer in the city. He died in 1935, and his obituary reads: ‘Dr Lewis Mizzi who for nearly half a century was one of the leading European lawyers in Istanbul, died in Malta last week at the age of 88. Dr Mizzi was born in Malta and after graduating in law from Malta University, set up a legal practice in Istanbul. He spoke several languages fluenty, including Turkish and modern Greek. On retiring from practice he retired to Malta and took an interest in politics, becoming a member of Lord Stickland’s party
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