A photo taken on the seafront of Galata [Karaköy] around 1900, that seems to have a Punta feel to it, with English language signs such as ‘London house’ indicating its international and Levantine mixture. Galata tower is visible in the distance.
The still functioning Sankt Georg Austrian hospital at Galata, near the Austrian school.
Postcard view
Postcard views of Galata, the seafront.
Rue Voyvoda where the many of the bankers had their offices, such as this Max Fruchtermann’s view of the central branch of the Deutsche Orient Bank in 1900. The last manager of the Deutche Orient Bank was Hans Von Aulock (1906-1981) coming to Istanbul in 1940, but not returning to Germany when the bank ceased operations for good in 1944. He spent the rest of his life in Turkey developing extensive archaeological, literary and numismatic collections.
Another turn of the century tinted postcard view of Galata looking up the main throughfare to Pera, Yüksek-kaldırım [high pavement].
A late 19th century view of the Galata tower, showing the pairs of walls to which it was formerly connected
Galata bridge in 1911, viewed from the opposite shore
The bridge and the old town viewed from the top of Galata tower, c. 1890