image courtesy of Mark Giraud
The Edmund Giraud house of Bornova, when it was occupied by the family. In architecture this is like a sister to the Big House (Harold Giraud’s, earlier Charlton Whittall’s): the easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the balcony: they have the same sweeping staircase on the front but on Edmund’s house they connect to a balcony that goes right until the edges of the house so that every window on the ground floor is in effect a door onto the balcony.
In this photo, from left: The family nurse, Margaret Giraud, Ruth Giraud nee Whittall. Ruth (b. 1884) was married to Edmund Haydn Giraud (1880-1962), a partner in the Oriental Carpet Manufacturers and Margaret was their youngest child.
Edmund Giraud commissioned a major genealogical work on his extended family’s history and published a book in the 1930s.
image courtesy of Fabio Tito
The former interior of the Edmund Giraud house with the pipe-organ in the living room. The house was located across from the Gwynneth Giraud House, and when Edmund’s widow Ruth died in the 1960s, the house was appropriated by the Bornova Municipality, pulled down and new flats built instead. The organ was passed by them to the Ankara State Conservatory.
Further information courtesy of Tarkan Sendal, from Istanbul, organist and organ-builder: “I believe this organ is a Welte-Mignon brand dating back to 1926 because I have found a letter from the manufacturer to Mr. Giraud. From the letter it seems they shipped the organ in pieces, and Mr. Giraud assembled it according to the drawings and instructions enclosed.
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