Built to massive proportions, the scale alone gives an idea of how important the British saw Istanbul in terms of a vital naval passage, and prestige reflected through opulent architecture.
A 1896 wood cut view from the ‘Graphic’ an illustrated magazine (p.48, Jan 21), showing a traditional Christmas dinner scene.
From an earlier period, another indication of the importance Constantinople gained with the Crimean war, an etching view of the interior of the British army post-office, probably also situated in Galata (from the Illustrated London News, 19 Jan 1856).
A postcard view of the rooftops of Galata early 20th century, showing the British naval flag flying on the Seaman’s hospital at almost the same prominence as the Turkish flag on Galata tower.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes, 2009
The same hospital viewed today from the nearby Galata Tower.
image courtesy of Andrew Simes, 2013
The pebble mosaic in the courtyard of this hospital showing its construction date.
The architectural illustration from ‘The Building News’, from the plans of Percy Adams, published 1902.