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Images of the Conference: Between Immigration and Historical Amnesia, 27-29 June 2019, Galata Naval Museum, Genoa, Italy / 2nd roundtable of LHF-Italy: programme:

Day 1 - including Seminar in Room 3: ‘The Italians of Turkey: A forgotten community’ - Chair: Francesco Pongiluppi, presenters: Craig Encer, Alan Maglio, Togay Massimo Özonaran

Some of the LHF-Italy team, with Craig Encer (behind banner) in Galata Museum: left to right: Jérôme Luc Muniglia de’ Giustiniani, Frederico Tacoli, Francesco Pongiluppi, Alan Maglio, Lydia Özonaran, Togay Massimo Özonaran.

Nearby to the Galata Museum a former Giustiniani palace, one of the important local families who for centuries had family branches resident and trading in the Levant helping make Genoa a Mediterrenean hub port of importance.

Fellow presenters having lunch, from left: -, -, Craig Encer (LHF), Francesco Pongiluppi (LHF-Italy), Frederico Tacoli (LHF-Italy), Jérôme Luc Muniglia de’ Giustiniani (France): ‘Language as a tool of amnesia, surname a tool of memory: from the overseas Genovese to the Levantine France’, Mia Spizzica (Australia), Contemporary History Research Group, Deakin University: ‘Embodying hybrid translational identities: The case of Italo-Palestinian Diasporas of the Antipodes’, 29 June 2019.

Part of the Galata Museum, an excellent interactive video presentation triggered by a ‘personal passport’ given by the museum that dictates your name and personal details and the official in charge of allowing potential emigrant a response largely dependent on their personal circumstances. A similar scenario again is video triggered by the barcode with obstinate border officials depicting the luck of the draw at Ellis Island with questions including ‘are you an anarchist’, etc.

Surname based emigration database access in this section of the museum to allow for ancestral search by visitors.

Views of the city and port of Genoa from the roof-top terrace of Galata Museum.

Dr Greg French, the Ambassador of Australia in Rome, giving his welcome speech on behalf of the Italian-Australian contingent during the coctail reception on the terrace of Galata Museum.

Thanking all team members of LHF-Italy that made this panel presentation a success.