From the book Bornova albumu - Hasan Arican
The Bornova football was the first amateur football team in Turkey composed of players who were virtually all local Levantines. This photo taken at Bornova in the 1920s (?) shows players still of the same community, though by that time the game had spread in popularity across the country. An earlier photo of a team:
The location of Darağaš at the Alsancak stadium (former Panionios stadium) as the tall cypress trees and the Archangel Michael church is just visible in the background, this time the Izmir team is posing with the visiting Salonica team. At this stage (1932) Levantines would be a minority, if at all represented, in both teams. However Andrew Simes was able to spot his grandfather Alfred Simes on the back row, 7th from the left.