Oil paintings, by an unknown artist (Raeburn?), of John de Jongh’s father and below of his Scottish wife, both of whose names is now unknown to the family. It is believed these painting were taken by John de Jongh to Smyrna, and were passed down the generations and are now in the possession of John Gandon who is related to the family.
Oil paintings of the first De Jongh in Turkey, John de Jongh and his wife Mary Esther nee Wilkinson.
image courtesy of Edward de Jongh
A young Edward in the Buca house garden with his mother in the background.
The farmhouse at Sikies near Smyrna. The holes on the outer walls show the exterior of the house was never finished.
Family portrait at the farmhouse. James Peacock on the left, Phyllis nee Peacock on the right with Edward’s sister Nancy on her lap. One of the boys is Edward and in the middle is Eveline Peacock (Edward’s aunt and mother-in-law), nee de Jongh.
Phyllis de Jongh with husband and an older Nancy in front of the same house.
image courtesy of Willem Daniels
David Richard de Jongh (1829-1870), Henry de Jongh’s father, taken 1868 with one of his sons.
Henry Richard de Jongh (1862-1935), son of David Richard, taken at his first house in Psihiko.
image courtesy of Willem Daniels
Eric de Jongh (~1890-1946, son of Oscar John de John, who in turn is the son of David Richard de John) in his Smyrna heyday in 1920 and below his wife Eva Sadjian, a lady of Armenian background who was famous for her good looks and charm.
image courtesy of Willem Daniels
From the De Jongh’s photo album, the quayside of Punta - Smyrna, looking towards ‘Belle-vue’, taken clearly before the fire.
Ambassador Emeric de Jongh entering the presidential palace at Dakar, Senegal in 1974 to present his letters of credence.
Edward de Jongh with Prince Bernard of Holland at his side who was visiting this free Dutch brigade based in England.
View of the postcard of the pen portrait of Cynthia Tower
The supposed De Jongh crest with the motto, temperance and alacrity.
Young Edward with his mother, Phyllis nee Peacock (1891-1964) taken in 1916, displaying her then fashionable and pricey hat with rare bird feathers (egret?) which she was very proud of.
A young Edward photographed in Athens, aged 16-17.
The gold family crest ring still worn by Edward today.
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