1930, image courtesy of Marie Anne Marandet
The former Istanbul Hotel on the right and the Karabina hotel on the left
View of this hotel from an earlier time
A 19th century engraving of the area
image courtesy of Jean Pierre Giraud
The Yıldızburnu area of Çeşme, formerly known as the Whittall Terrace, photo taken in 1951, the nearest house and garden built by Edmund Haydn Giraud, later inherited by his late son, Godfrey Giraud, still family owned.
image courtesy of Edwin La Fontaine
The house on the left, nearest was the Verbeke house, neighbouring one the Whitall houses, the prominent house in the middle was owned by the La Fontaine family and later by the third president of Turkey (1950s), Celal Bayar. The nearby pier was called Aunt Ruth (Giraud) Scala [pier] - information courtesy of Harry Charnaud, 2009.

Modern views of Çeşme | some archive views of Çeşme from the Giraud collection