Jean Brindesi was born in 1826 and worked primarily as a watercolour artist.

During the Abdulmecid period (1831-1861), he worked on scenes involving soldiers in Istanbul.

Two albums of lithographs after his drawings were produced by Lemercier in Paris: Elbicei Atika – Musee des Anciens Costumes Turcs de Constantinople, 1855, and Souvenirs de Constantinople, 1860; these two works are collections of picturesque views of the city of Constantinople. The originals are kept at the Istanbul Topkapı Palace Museum and at the University of Istanbul.

While the first album represents the government and military dignitaries, the second one tries to capture the atmosphere of day-to-day life in Istanbul through quaint and lively depictions. Not much is known of the artist’s life. His workshop was in Pera (Galatasaray) on Asmalı Mescit Sokak. Jean Brindesi died in Istanbul in 1888 and is buried in the Feriköy Catholic cemetery - tomb.

Examples of his work
Examples of his drawings