A pre 1922 postcard view of Bournabat, published by the Levantine Dermond family, the road near the former railway station.
An archive postcard showing a water-point ‘of sighs’ in old Bournabat
The bell-tower of the Agia Panigia Orthodox Church is visible in the distance.
The former house of ‘lord’ Ioannis Kanas, the great benefactor of the Evangeliki and the Greek Hospital married to Maria Baltazzi daughter of Emmanuel. The house then passed to P. Kesisoğlu. This former house was situated on the outskirts of Bornova.
The former McCraith house of Bournabat.
image courtesy of Mark Giraud
The road junction in Bournabat by the Steinbuchel house - view today (former Wood-Paterson) on the left and the house entrance on the right is the Charlton Whittall (Big House - later Harold Giraud, now University HQ), 1890s.
image courtesy of Mark Giraud
The same road junction in Bournabat, 1920s. The road passing between the two houses is now wider, this involved shaving off the sides of the gardens. They are both fenced now as the walls were knocked down for the road but the entrances remain intact.
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