135 Yıllık Bir Hazine - Osmanlı Bankası Arşivinde Tarihten İzler [A treasure trove of 135 years - Traces of History within the archives of the Ottoman Bank] - Edhem Eldem - an Osmanlı Bankası Publication, 1997

The Ottoman Bank at the height of its power: an advert from 1914 within the Annuaire Oriental [an Almanac]. Within this advert 85 branches are listed, and the Bank’s activities are listed: “current accounts, valuable papers and luxury items deposit, dealing with local and foreign shares, bonds trading, deposit accounts bearing interest, and the Istanbul (Yeni Cami) branch provides loans secured against goods, and trade goods deposition services. The Pera (Beyoğlu) branch excluding depositiong of goods, provides all services, and the city of Paris bonds, and the on-the-spot buying and selling of interest bearing bonds of Turkey, Greece and Panama. Both branches allow the opening of current accounts to a limit of 100 liras with a 2% interest, and the provision of very secure safety deposit boxes. The branches are open between 10 in the morning till 4 in the evening.”

image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi

image courtesy of Alex Baltazzi
Group of Ottoman Bank staff in Pera
Group of Ottoman Bank staff in Mersin
image courtesy of Nadia Giraud
Group of Ottoman Bank (Galata branch) staff of a later date (1930s) in Istanbul, sitting on the left, Emilia Saridaki, and sitting on the right, Mme Nazif, wife of the ‘sous-directeur’. The husband of Emilia, Alphonse (with moustache) is standing at the centre of the group, by Mrs Nazif.

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